The Labrador Retriever

General Info.

The Labrador Retriever is well know world wide as a friendly, intelligent, and energetic dog. Their natural retrieving abilities make them easily trainable as excellent hunting dogs and their love of water keeps them going all day whether you are hunting or just at the beach for a swim. Originally used to help fisherman bring in their nets, Labs were developed into the hunting dog we know today. With their keen sense of smell, good body strength, friendliness, and intelligence they are now used for other purposes such as search & rescue, drug detection for police and customs, guide dogs and helper dogs for the blind and physically handicapped, and of course they are always popular as a loving household pet. They require lots of exercise to keep in good physical condition. Labs average about 70 pounds although males can be quite a bit bigger and average height is about 24 inches at the top of the shoulder. Labs come in three official colors, black, yellow, & chocolate – (the only recognized true colours, anything else is not a recognized or registerable colour by the Canadian Kennel Club or any of it’s affiliates, and also any dogs of these colours  may not be registerable if genetic testing proves the dog carries a “dilute” gene which produces the silver and champagne colours. It is an additional gene that was introduced by cross breeding with a weimaraner, so not purebred. Some of these dogs may be registered but not with any officially recognized and licensed Kennel Organizations). To view more information on the breed go to the Canadian Kennel Club website and search through their information.

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